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Information Network Bulletin – Edition 4

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NHWN Bulletin

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Council Tax Refund Scam

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Payment Diversion Alert

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Charity Commission Update

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News story: Commission warns public not to donate to ‘sham’ animal welfare and migrant appeals

Posted: 17 Jan 2017 03:28 AM PST

The information contained within this alert is based on reports made during the past month, to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre. The National Fraud Investigation Bureau (NFIB) has gathered information about two frauds, where social media or email platforms are being used to encourage members of the public to donate money to sham charity appeals, including a ‘Migrant Helpline’.

1. Fake animal welfare charity overseas

The NFIB has discovered that criminal groups based in Spain or Cyprus are using social media platforms to target donors from the UK. The money is then laundered from the UK to overseas and rather than be used to tackle animal cruelty, these charitable funds are then diverted to support criminal activity, either here or on the Continent.

2. Fake ‘Migrant Helpline’

Fraudsters are sending out a high number of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses purporting to be from ‘Migrant Helpline’ – charity email addresses could also be targeted.

Migrant Helpline is a genuine charity, but fraudsters have been using its name to trick members of the public into becoming victims of this fraud. It should be noted that this fraud is in no way related to the real charity.

The email address sending the majority of emails is; however multiple email addresses have been seen. The subject line currently is ‘Thank you for choosing to donate to Migrant helpline’ and the message body contains the following:

Thanks again for donating.

We’re sending it straight to Migrant Helpline so you’ll be making a difference very soon.

Your donation details:

First name: **

Last name: **

Tel. *****

Amount: £196

Donation Reference: 09493495

If you have any questions about your donation, please follow this link and download Your (Donation Reference 09493495), with the transaction details listed above.

With your help, Yeshiva Donations can continue to work in Syria and neighboring countries to deliver clean water and life-saving supplies to millions of people.

Your generosity is bringing much-needed assistance to families who have lost everything as a result of the crisis in Syria.

Warm regards,

Yeshiva Donation

The first name, last name and telephone number are targeted and appear to be correct for those they are sent to. Once the link is clicked, a well-known Trojan (Ramnit) is downloaded onto the victim’s device. This malware is equipped to target and steal personal/ corporate banking details.

Donors are advised to be vigilant and to protect themselves in the following ways:

Safer Giving

The public can also take simple steps to keep safe online, advice is available on: Get Safe Online the official cyber-crime prevention website.

The Charity Commission publishes advice for donors and trustees on safer giving and runs awareness campaigns during periods of heightened giving.

Fake Amazon emails claim you have placed an order

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Body Worn Video coming to Croydon January 2017

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Dear Resident,

I am writing to let you know that Croydon borough will be launching the use of body worn video (BWV) cameras on 09th January 2017.

This is part of the world’s largest use of BWV within a police service, modernising the Metropolitan Police (MPS) through technology and rolling out approximately 22,000 cameras over the coming months. Given the scale of the roll out this will be phased across the MPS so some boroughs will receive their cameras sooner than others.

A successful year long trial of these cameras within Camden, Hillingdon, Ealing, Barnet, Lewisham, Croydon, Bexley, Bromley, Havering and Brent ended in April 2015. Full details of which can be found with the college of policing here;

The introduction of BWV will see the following benefits across the MPS;

•       Increasing the use of technology within the criminal justice system for more efficient and effective justice for victims

•       Greater transparency of policing; improving the investigation of complaints

•       Making stop and search more accountable to communities

•       Video captures events in a way that can’t be represented on paper

•       Offenders are more likely to plead guilty, if they know they have been recorded; potentially speeding up the criminal justice process

•       BWV will be incident specific and will not be used to indiscriminately record Londoners. 

We’re looking to gauge feedback from the public and London’s communities about their feelings around BWV. You can give your feedback and/or comments to the sender of this letter or your local Safer Neighbourhood Team, find yours here;

For full details of how BWV will work and be used please visit 

Yours sincerely,

Sergeant Mark Sexton,

Croydon Borough BWV implementation lead.

Trading Standard Scam Alert

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NHWN Bulletin December 2016

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